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Found bug... Buddy list.... (minor)

Posted by Mdbaughman2 
Found bug... Buddy list.... (minor)
June 21, 2010 08:51PM
Just logging a bug.... nothing serious.... cheerssmileys with beer MB

I was just looking at my buddy list and noticed an anomaly and did a lil investigating...

I use my buddy list to keep useful usernames handy...

when i was looking through my buddy list I noticed that everyone on the list had added me as a buddy (in the last 24 hours) ...

the bug::::

when i go to private messages from the main (white) page, then click buddys, the date and time of the users last login seems to be appearing under the Mutual.... (last login: empty, no entries)

edit: also the yes/no's for mutual are apparing under real name...

if I go to my private messages from a forum that's been changed to the green headers, everything is back to normal...

browser firefox 3.6.3 (win)

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