F&M: lower pricesand color of the month
31. March 2016 18:52
We've kept quiet, but have not been sitting still, therefoore we can now lower filament prices!

ABS, HIPS andPLA filament costvanaf 19,95 per spool from now on..
Zwart, wit and rood ABS, HIPS andPLA have even lowered to 17,50!

As always there is also a color of the month special. This month that is blue


ABS filament in 40+ colors,
Flexible filament in 5 colors,
HIPS filament in 8 colors,
Metal PLA filament in 3 colors,
Nylon filament in 3 colors,
PETG filament in 6 colors,
PLA filament in 40+ colors.
PVA filament.
Wood filament in 2 colors..

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Re: F&M: lower pricesand color of the month
01. April 2016 11:40
11€ Versand aus Holland? Neee danke.

Gruß aus dem Tal Kochertal,
E-Mail gibts hier


P3sTE MK2 [scheuten.me]
AM8 sobo Version
Ender 3 PRO

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