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ReprapPro Website

Posted by dannystaple 
ReprapPro Website
March 24, 2018 03:43PM
Good evening,
So with questions on setting up my Ormerod 2 with another slicer (experimenting with IdeaMaker) I went to the ReprapPro website tonight to find it's not responding.
Now this may be just a blip, but my question is that who is maintaining and hosting that site now?

It is my understanding that the RepRapPRo company is no more. Is any of that information - specs, calibration, setup, commissioning information somewhere else on the web?


Reprappro Ormerod2 (528.2, Duet 0.6, firmware 1.18.1 (2017-04-09), web interface Christian Hammacher 1.15a, Cura) & CNC 3020 (GRBL)
Re: ReprapPro Website
March 25, 2018 11:50AM
You can use [web.archive.org] for now.

Perhaps if anyone has any way of contacting Adrian Bowyer? It's probably just the webhosting hasn't been paid for or something simple like that.
Re: ReprapPro Website
March 26, 2018 06:12AM
I did wonder about this last year, and so I scraped a copy of the sites documentation section, "just in case". I wasn't sure I still had the copy until I got to work.

I've taken it and hosted the site here - [reprappro.cheeseandham.me.uk]

I may look at getting the archive itself hosted, so people can keep their own copy and not have to rely on third parties to keep the information alive.

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Re: ReprapPro Website
March 28, 2018 03:39AM
Hi CheeseAndHam,

Thanks for your response and the link.

In terms of the copyright on those pages - who owns it? Is it open source? Does it belong to someone in particular?
GH pages confers a couple of advantages that I could see - it would be a community project, so people could make PR's for updates/fixes to the content, being a git repo it's naturally easy to keep personal back ups, and github seems quite reliable in staying up.

Any thoughts on that?

Reprappro Ormerod2 (528.2, Duet 0.6, firmware 1.18.1 (2017-04-09), web interface Christian Hammacher 1.15a, Cura) & CNC 3020 (GRBL)
Re: ReprapPro Website
March 28, 2018 05:25AM
You might like to try emailing the folks at RepRapLtd to see if they know why the site is no longer available.

As the Ormerod design is open source, I would imagine that applies to the documentation too.

Large delta printer [miscsolutions.wordpress.com], E3D tool changer, Robotdigg SCARA printer, Crane Quad and Ormerod

Disclosure: I design Duet electronics and work on RepRapFirmware, [duet3d.com].
Re: ReprapPro Website
April 03, 2018 06:51AM
Splendid cheeseandham, thank you for such a wonderful resource.

Re: ReprapPro Website
April 03, 2018 04:14PM
I contacted RepRap Ltd and Adrian responded.

And they are now in the process of hosting this content elsewhere. smiling bouncing smiley

I'll leave my mirror up until it's fully live.
Re: ReprapPro Website
April 04, 2018 05:12AM
That is great, many thanks.
Re: ReprapPro Website
April 05, 2018 07:39AM
Awesome stuff Cheeseandham!

I got my original issue this week sorted - which was getting into the hot end on my printer to check the teflon liner - someone mentioned on my youtube channel that I should check it wasn't just a charred mass. I get occasional brown bits in my prints.

Reprappro Ormerod2 (528.2, Duet 0.6, firmware 1.18.1 (2017-04-09), web interface Christian Hammacher 1.15a, Cura) & CNC 3020 (GRBL)
Re: ReprapPro Website
April 14, 2018 04:18AM
Ahh people with more forethought/time than me! You've saved me a real puzzle there, thanks. Built one before but didn't fancy testing the memory from 2014! The home printer may still live...
Re: ReprapPro Website
August 26, 2018 04:23PM
Thank you cheeseandham you are a lifesaver.

I am rebuilding a printer that my work bought for a project. The people involved never got the printer working properly so the project got dropped, it looks like the printer got dropped too, its in a right mess. Most of the parts need reprinting, Ive got the STL files and made a start on them with my own printer, but couldnt find any build instructions, until now.... spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: ReprapPro Website
August 27, 2018 07:24PM
No problem.

Just realise that a fair few of the pages do not display the tabs correctly, so if you're having trouble please go to the slower, but more complete, [web.archive.org]
Re: ReprapPro Website
September 04, 2018 09:34AM
Thanks a lot for mentioning and saving RepRapPro resources. Until reading this post I really struggled to find the resources elsewhere.
Really appreciated! thumbs up
Re: ReprapPro Website
September 16, 2018 02:22PM
Does anyone still have the Slic3r config and or a good Start/End Gcode config?

I've lost mine and the github repository doesn't seem to have the configs.
I need help with the start/stop codes and there's no support due to the closing. sad smiley
Re: ReprapPro Website
September 18, 2018 05:50AM
Try here: [github.com]

Best wishes
Re: ReprapPro Website
September 18, 2018 12:00PM
Thank you very much!

I will post this in my other thread in-case anyone else ends up needing it.
Re: ReprapPro Website
October 09, 2018 10:35AM
Afternoon All,

I've attached a PDF version of the physical build section of the online manual. It's a big mother at 160+ pages but should offer no web related hang ups and give you the option of printing if you really want to loose lots of paper!

The formatting for this is currently inconsistant but I've tried to include all the information from the different tabs.

This is a work in progress, and should be considered as complimentary to CheeseAndHam's copy of the page and the archived versions of the web page. Links and book marks (other than links from contents table to different sections of the document) are unlikely to work as expected!

I'm in the process of creating my own flavour of the Ormerod, and ensuring it had decent documentation is part of this. I've taken a copy of the RepRapLtd documentation as a starting point for this process. Other than lots of ctrl+c ctrl+v and very limited work on formatting this is not my own work. If you think I have not attributed the sources correctly in the forward please let me know!



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Re: ReprapPro Website
October 10, 2018 07:11AM
Wes, bloody awesome, well done!
Re: ReprapPro Website
October 23, 2018 05:28AM

If you're interested in contributions.

z-foot and z-corner-bracket.

I've replaced [github.com] with [www.amazon.co.uk]
And [github.com] with [www.amazon.co.uk] (although I could have bought a single bracket instead [uk.rs-online.com] )

I like the idea of the Ormerod 2 chunky Z-lower mount too as I've had issues with the PLA breaking eventually.
It's printed in PETG and ready to deploy, I'll let you know how it goes.
Re: ReprapPro Website
October 23, 2018 06:18AM
I was looking at the machined components on Ooznest a couple of days ago! I've been calibrating the printer over the past week weeks and struggling with bridging. After a few nights of fighting I chanced on a mention of the 0.5mm nozzle. Guess my setting of 0.4 was wrong! :-D That aside I printed a y-axis motor mount and the z-bearing clamps from the direct reverse engineered cad. Close, but not perfect. Printed well without supports which I was happy about.

Think the poor part fan is complicating bridging as the edges near the bridge tend to curl up when them themselves are overhanging.

Aslo foumd at 170C the PLA needs non-limear extrusion correction and at 185 it is mainly linear up until the stepper struggles and gets back driven at aroumd 10mm3/sec. Interesting! I'd do more temperature work but getting spares is essential now as I've cracks in all bearing mounts, y-axis motor mount, large extruder gear, and a few other bits. Alreafy replaced many bits too!
Re: ReprapPro Website
October 23, 2018 08:49AM
Yeah, I'm lucky, a local friend with a (nicely dialed in) Prusa i3 Mk3 is printing my PETG parts for me, so that is very helpful.

Feel free to come hang out in #reprap via IRC , if you fancy talking Ormerod nonsense with me at any point smiling smiley
Re: ReprapPro Website
October 23, 2018 04:10PM
Setup on IRC now. I'm DocTrucker. Same as my Duet forum handle and a few other places.
Re: ReprapPro Website
October 24, 2018 05:51AM
I've been contacted by Adrian Bowyer and he has asked me to share an experimental mirror of all the old RepRapPro documentation.


It's similar to my copy, there are a few problems remaining with the sections that deal with older versions of products.

I'll keep my copy for a while, but this can take over as the official archive once more.
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