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speeds and homing

Posted by moxy 
speeds and homing
November 19, 2019 03:18PM
Hello all,
I have built a printer based on the prusa i3 design but have made it very sturdy. The frame is made of aluminium channel (75x50x6) and welded together and is really rigid. My previous printer was
one of those acrylic diy things which I found to be very flimsy and eventually "ate" itself. One of the z motors came loose and the x axis was twisted until the whole contraption destroyed itself leading to my
build and obsession about rigidity. The printer is nearly working well but the only thing I'm battling with is with G28. The x axis homes perfectly as does the Y but the problem happens with the z probing.
The first probe works fine (lowers until the BLTouch triggers then lifts to about 10 mm then starts to come down for the second probe but does not reach the bed and then appears to "time out" and the print cancels. If I manually trigger the probe the machine thinks all is well and starts to print at about 6mm extruder height. Not good! But quite pretty in it's own way, maybe as a fishtank ornament. I think that the problem is somewhere in the configuration h file but despite trying a lot of changes I can't find something that sorts this out. Any help on this problem would really be appreciated.
I have used nema 23 motors driven by IMS stepper drives which allows me to adjust the resolution up to 51200 steps per motor revolution if needed and also adjust the current up to 4 amps peak. I am,however unable to get the rapid moves up to any higher speeds especially the z axis. The leadscrews have a 5mm pitch which I have reduced to 1mm by gearing down the z axis motors.Some help with this would also ensure that I get some good sleep at night!smiling smiley
Many thanks for your help in advance
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