Need a CoreXY Direction
November 29, 2020 04:10PM

I've been very happy with the results of my little FoldaRap, but therein lies the problem. It's a bit small. Z-Axis homing takes too long, I'd like to enclose it and maybe heat the enclosure, etc, etc

I've long been tempted by D-Bot, and I want to get some ideas from the community if anything's changed in the past few years? What's the "ideal" corexy machine today?

Tempt me please - I'm not looking for speed, but I am looking for something I can scale up later perhaps, and using extruded aluminium works for me (hey, my Foldarap is based around extruded Ally)

Thanks in advance
Re: Need a CoreXY Direction
November 29, 2020 05:45PM
How about this: []
There are many updates after that original post- follow the links in the posts down the rabbit hole...or search for "UMMD".

Ultra MegaMax Dominator 3D printer: []
Re: Need a CoreXY Direction
November 29, 2020 07:08PM
Thanks - that's quite a rabbithole!
Re: Need a CoreXY Direction
November 29, 2020 07:45PM
It was a fun project that is mostly done now. I can't think of too many more changes to make, though I'll be putting a volcano heater block in and trying again to get it to provide decent quality prints. The last time I tried was when it still had a smoothieboard controller. The Duet board's firmware has pressure advance and non linear extrusion tuning built in, so I'm hoping I'll be able to tune it to give decent quality prints with a 0.8 or 1 mm nozzle.

I've made some changes to the Z axis design, many changes to the extruder carriage, and some other minor changes, all of which appear in more recent posts. The current configuration uses a Duet ethernet controller board, a Bondtech BMG extruder and XCR3D hotend, both very reliable, and optical endstops for all axes- they are cheap and very precise (I know because I tested them- there's a couple blog posts on it). The Z axis no longer uses steel core belts- I switched to glass core even though they stretch a little more than steel. It still isn't enough to matter. The machine still doesn't use or need autoleveling- the bed stays level once set manually (a 60 second task) using the manual leveling assist built into the RepRap Firmware. I haven't touched the leveling in at least 8 months. The kinematic bed mount is rock solid and allows the bed to expand without creating lateral forces that cause things to flex or make the bed go out of tram. The Z axis motor is a NEMA-23 part that is driven directly by the driver chip on the Duet board. The 30:1 worm gear reduction in the Z axis prevents the bed from moving when motor power is cut. It doesn't require any brakes, counterweights, or any other messing around.

Ultra MegaMax Dominator 3D printer: []
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