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Polyester resin as hot end insulator?

Posted by Arnold Lane 
Polyester resin as hot end insulator?
November 25, 2011 05:26PM
Hi there

I was messing around with making some new extruders, and I built one with an insulating barrel out of polyester resin (as opposed to trying to find PEEK) to see how it would go. I lined the inside of the barrel with PFTE tuding and attcahed to heater block.

I have warmed it up to 200 dgrees c. for a couple of minutes and it seemed to go o.k. It hasnt shown any signs of melting or degredation.... I am not to sure what the flash point for ignition would be ? (with the possible danger of fire + release of harmfull fumes)

I have not tried to print as yet as the nozzel is not finished, but I was wondering if any one had any thoughts on the use of polyester resin.


Re: Polyester resin as hot end insulator?
November 28, 2011 05:06AM
... depends on the type of resin, you've cured - most common ones won't withstand constand temps above 150°C for long time ... they will decompose and crack sometimes.

Others with silicone are resistant up to 350°C for constant heating and until 450°C short exposure times ... but mostly notrigid/stiff enough as isolator, so your nozzle will move up and down while applying extrusion force.

So look in your data sheet for temperature limits ...

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