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People building or using RepRaps. 
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Reprap I3 need help setting up Attachments

by Maddog
218 3 02/06/2024 05:29PM
Last Post by Dust

thoughts on design Attachments

by civil
1,373 3 01/17/2024 03:38PM
Last Post by VDX

CoreXY: Non-matching MGN carriages on either side of Y?

by DailyFrankPeter
473 2 12/01/2023 04:17PM
Last Post by Govahnator

How to avoid strangled cables in cable chains. Attachments

by Govahnator
308 2 11/30/2023 08:47PM
Last Post by Dust

Extruders motors will not turn

by Nigel Kelly
668 13 11/01/2023 04:44PM
Last Post by Nigel Kelly

Nema23 --> Makerbase --> setup

by Arnix
843 4 08/27/2023 12:25PM
Last Post by Dust

Megatronics v3 and RepRapDiscount LCD 12864

by julieng7
3,845 9 08/20/2023 06:30AM
Last Post by J.Snijder

moving axis beyond endstop possition Attachments

by equipment66
861 1 08/03/2023 02:00AM
Last Post by equipment66

Updated to latest firmware cannot heat nozzle Attachments

by sgtmrcooperusmc
1,032 6 07/28/2023 04:52AM
Last Post by sgtmrcooperusmc

What Filament to use to replace a Bakerlite part

by zurferjoe
1,092 1 07/19/2023 12:35PM
Last Post by zurferjoe

Is it okay to not to use smooth rods in 3d printer

by erensatik
1,683 6 06/26/2023 05:31PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

M155 logging ADC values

by wa3scm
1,755 3 05/11/2023 01:40PM
Last Post by wa3scm

delta xy grinding noise on specific coordinates

by muhbb
1,717 1 04/30/2023 07:20PM
Last Post by muhbb


by mehbstnc
2,016 3 04/16/2023 02:48AM
Last Post by mehbstnc

How to set custom home position and drive directions Attachments

by oBezruki
2,218 10 04/03/2023 03:06AM
Last Post by dc42

Original BCN3D RepRap BOM/STLs

by rwilson
3,413 2 03/09/2023 07:44PM
Last Post by NewPerfection

Core ZXZY Build Log Attachments

by zxzy_eng
2,835 6 01/25/2023 01:32AM
Last Post by zxzy_eng

Marlin on cheap Arduino clone

by rwilson
2,486 5 01/16/2023 12:33AM
Last Post by VDX

Marlin 2.1.1 Configuration.hsettings ignored

by walts
2,735 4 11/28/2022 09:01PM
Last Post by Dust

Help Driving Stepper with Raw GCode

by dlamet
2,809 5 11/08/2022 10:57AM
Last Post by dlamet

Steps per mm not updating with new Marlin Flash

by dvanommen
10,873 10 10/29/2022 09:50AM
Last Post by Dust

Stepper does not work with one driver, others do

by flomei
2,881 3 10/23/2022 08:37AM
Last Post by flomei

Omni3d Rapcraft 1.4 heatblock tightens right down to heatsink

by sundaycrunk
3,335 2 10/03/2022 06:17PM
Last Post by rq3

Job Well Done

by Ndv19
3,297 2 09/30/2022 02:57AM
Last Post by VDX

Display on LCD not there Attachments

by Ndv19
3,718 3 09/29/2022 05:14PM
Last Post by Ndv19

Newbie to DIY reprap with questions

by tonynsx
3,503 9 09/26/2022 10:25AM
Last Post by tonynsx

My Core XY Printer that took years of building

by Govahnator
4,938 4 09/23/2022 03:14PM
Last Post by tonynsx

stepper are not moving Attachments

by shellman3379
3,690 2 09/23/2022 12:32PM
Last Post by dlc60

Creality 4.2.7 END STOPS PROBLEM confused smiley

by Moudry
3,399 6 09/23/2022 02:10AM
Last Post by Moudry

printer executing each command then stopping

by dlc60
3,382 4 09/22/2022 08:14PM
Last Post by dlc60