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People building or using RepRaps. 
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RAMPS 1.4 24v

by Falcondestroyer123
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Need help to use my 3D printer/ besoin d'aide pour mon imprimante 3d

by dangherve
255 6 02/05/2018 10:06PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Printing ovals instead of circles!   (Pages: 1 2)

by papabur
7,365 31 02/02/2018 01:17PM
Last Post by SupraGuy

Problem configuring my hotend thermistor

by Osama
8,578 17 02/02/2018 03:02AM
Last Post by iancaz

24v Bed

by Falcondestroyer123
459 5 02/01/2018 01:55PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist
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Problem with my printer

by Rasyoni
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Z axis won't go down

by matheustorres
436 3 01/26/2018 02:56AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Small Delta Heated Beds?

by Trakyan
586 17 01/23/2018 04:57AM
Last Post by Trakyan

Urgent advice needed on warped ball screw!

by SplatHammer
371 3 01/23/2018 03:23AM
Last Post by SplatHammer

Running ramps at 24v but not the bed.

by Tylerebowers
319 3 01/22/2018 11:36AM
Last Post by SupraGuy

Polycarbonate nozzle buildup

405 2 01/17/2018 09:06PM
Last Post by Roger123D

Control board supporting 4 Z motors

by harlandraka
517 5 01/17/2018 05:52PM
Last Post by dc42

Using CD/DVD drives with ramps 1.4

by 4dPrinting
478 5 01/16/2018 03:52AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Reprogramming Mega Ramps 1.4, hung up on Connecting...

by BlenderGuy
320 3 01/13/2018 08:16AM
Last Post by BlenderGuy

Best Chemical to Clean Hairspray off Glass Bed?

by GaM3r2Xtreme
787 10 01/13/2018 02:01AM
Last Post by Diggrr

How to invert the XY Axis for CoreXY system

by duckfriedrice
9,069 16 01/12/2018 04:07PM
Last Post by Thijs

How to Set Up Marlin

by SuperJRock
404 2 01/11/2018 07:02PM
Last Post by Dust

Fatal Error - Heating Stopped

by SuperJRock
341 4 01/09/2018 12:53PM
Last Post by dc42

Y axis moving to side without limit switch?

by SuperJRock
328 3 01/09/2018 04:24AM
Last Post by obewan

Similar style to TronXY or Printrbot Attachments

by waken
372 4 01/06/2018 01:35AM
Last Post by Trakyan

X axis skipping steps

by croak3r
434 6 01/04/2018 02:39PM
Last Post by kr_

Cannot print at 0.1mm (Solved) Attachments

by Kalamgish
395 3 01/04/2018 05:22AM
Last Post by Kalamgish

X and Y axis movement anomaly Attachments

395 2 01/01/2018 02:39AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Tevo Tarantula USB connection issues

by CGLee65
918 14 12/29/2017 04:42AM
Last Post by CGLee65

3D Touch Sensor coil broken

545 8 12/25/2017 05:07PM
Last Post by MechaBits

filament rol inside or outside the heat chamber

by amigob
725 15 12/24/2017 08:33AM
Last Post by amigob

Steampunk extruder feasible? Attachments

by o_lampe
600 11 12/22/2017 06:26AM
Last Post by Trakyan

Hotend Heating Problems

by printer_dave
339 2 12/21/2017 12:01PM
Last Post by printer_dave

When i print on i get this huge melted PLA in the middle of my print object Attachments

by Rasyoni
378 2 12/21/2017 01:42AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Print bed leveling - corners level, center not

by thedoktorj
3,489 17 12/20/2017 02:18PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist