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Started the BfB design

Posted by Mr. Seeker 
Started the BfB design
March 24, 2009 08:15PM
This is my first post after 6 hours of non-stop building...

I finally made it to 1-13 according to the builder's manual. I think Iain didnt lie when he said it would take at least 48 hours to complete the reprap. I am on building hour 6.

The manual is good, but it is sometimes better to go with your own mind than the manual, since it contains small errors (parts that are look-a-like on the 3d), parts like 20009 (i found out that it is the 8xM8), and some small counting errors.

The package was nicely packed, but unfortunately for me some of the lasercut parts were loose, and went their own life, giving me a good chance to play hide-and-seek with it. At first sight I was thinking I am going to build a blue reprap (the fans were also blue colored), but then I realized it is just protective cover. Oh well, maybe I will put some blue spots on it when its working.

I am putting the rest on my blog, you can keep up to date with everything I am doing. Until now I needed only a hammer once (some things wouldnt pop out very nicely, i think laser error). Pictures of my workspace will be online tomorrow. Its 1AM around here, and I need sleep badly.

People that like to help me are always welcome, but I have enough space for me to move around at this moment.

My blog: http//mrseekersreprap.blogspot.com

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Re: Started the BfB design
March 25, 2009 03:48AM
Woehoe! Still waiting for mine to arrive... Now you can iron out all the errors smiling smiley Maybe we should meetup when my package arrived and I'm in building mode.


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