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Problem homing Y Axis with Sprinter RAMPS 1.3

Posted by rankbajin 
Problem homing Y Axis with Sprinter RAMPS 1.3
January 20, 2015 03:05PM

I have just upgraded from an older version of firmware to Sprinter for my ageing Mendel with RAMPS 1.3 electronics.

I'm still commissioning the new firmware but there is something strange happening with homing which I can't find a solution for.

If my print head is somewhere in the middle of the print area e.g. Y > 0 then I can press home and everything works fine.
However, if I have already homed the head and press it again then the Y axis decides to keep driving past 0 and into my endstop, I've had a look around and I can't seem to find anything to set which will fix this.

With ENDSTOPS_ONLY_FOR_HOMING undefined it doesn't work at all and with min_software_endstops = true I still see the same problem.

Is there something special about the Y axis ?

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