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Use only the 2nd extruder

Posted by tonytony72 
Use only the 2nd extruder
March 18, 2018 10:48AM
Hello everyone! That's my problem.
I have a dual extruder printer with marlin. I use repeater host and curaEngine for slicing. If I use that extruder 1, no problem. If I use the 2 extruders at the same time, no problem either the offset of the 2nd head is well taken into account. On the other hand if I want to use the extruder 2, when slicing it looks like it was extruder 1!
So I try to put T1 at the beginning of the Gcode, it goes well on the extruder 2 but the offset is not taken into account. I try to put a micro object in addition that will be sliced ​​with the extruder 1 (since it works well when I use the 2 extruders) but the problem is that when I use the brim it is done with the extruder n ° 1 ...
I try a lot of things!
Is it possible to choose with which extruder the brim is done?
You are going to tell me that I used the case that the extruder 1 if I print in mono color, but I put a nozzle of 0.6 on the 1 and a nozzle 0.2 on the 2 to not have has changed when I need precision smiling smiley.
thank you!
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