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LEGO Bricks FTW!

Posted by lordcat 
LEGO Bricks FTW!
November 08, 2007 03:38PM
Doing my own thing... out in Wheaton... building my repstrap outa LEGO Bricks!

I've got an XY setup that I'm pretty happy with, starting on refining the Z axis soon... then it's time for the extruder! (not made out of LEGO Bricks)

I got a lot of work ahead of me... carving my own path... but I've got a couple friends helping me that I'll be building repraps for!

I'm trying for cheaper NEMA 17 motors, and I'm going for mechanical limiter switches with no moving parts... Rack & Pinion design, so it's probably not as accurate as some of the other designs, but it's probably a little quicker, and it's good enough for a start!

Aside from the electronics and extruder, the only non-reprappable parts will be some metal strips for the limiter switches, and the extrusion surface itself. Oh, and you need an official LEGO dude to run the thing... preferably engineer style...

Little outdated (different motors and circuit board), but that's the design I'm working with... I'll post more once I've got Z up and running!


Anonymous User
Re: LEGO Bricks FTW!
November 15, 2007 07:50PM
Very cool Lego concept. I just watched the youtube.

I just discovered the RepRap project today via Wikipedia. And my first thought was to use Lego Mindstorms NXT to build one. Though its unlikely I'll get started anytime soon, I am interested to see how you mate an extruder to the Lego platform.

Aaron from Indianapolis
Re: LEGO Bricks FTW!
October 11, 2009 12:33AM
Awesome idea with the leg bricks I watched the videos. Hope it works for you. Hello from Lakeville Indiana
Re: LEGO Bricks FTW!
June 11, 2010 05:29PM
Yeppers, Lego's rule. I thought I could make a strap with just X and Y axis built from a Mindstorm NXT. A mounted a dremel flex shaft with a rotery cutting bit. From there it's just making 1/8th inch wafers (I have some extra dicyclopentadiene plaques from work smiling smiley ) and glue them in a stack to make the needed parts. Not yet done but the Lego Bot is very precise. The carving bed is17 X 21 inches. Anyway..... WTG with Lego's!
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