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Has anyone changed the pronterface UI?

Posted by gunn7 
Has anyone changed the pronterface UI?
April 20, 2023 05:43PM
Hi All,

I've got a robot based on a 3d printer design that runs on gcode. I've managed to get it up and running using pronterface (I can control all the axis and upload programs). Is there a way to simplify the pronterface UI and add some new features (add a program search function, remove all the heater control sections, make it fit a 7inch raspberry PI screen)? Where would I begin to get this working on a raspberry pi?
Re: Has anyone changed the pronterface UI?
April 20, 2023 06:27PM
... yes, I've did this some years ago for a company development (for pastedispensing and lasercutting) -- was not too easy, but doable ... it's a huge amount of coding in different classes to deactivate the 3D-printing functions and adding new ones eye rolling smiley

Here a screenshot and some of the new "toolbox"-images:

You can serach here in the RepRap-forum for "giecaps" - [reprap.org]

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Call for the project "garbage-free seas" - [reprap.org]
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