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Posted by Yellobello 
September 16, 2015 02:13PM

I have an acrylic frame i3 which I finished* today.

The prints come out quite good, except one little thing:

This looks wobbly, I know. But since this misalignment only occurs in Y-direction, I guess this is Y-wobbling?? ( I only knew z-wobbling until today, which looks different.)

take a look at the other side:

This looks way better! I think that in X-direction and Z everything is fine.
Any ideas where this could come from?

*: You never really finish a printer :-)
Re: Wobbling
September 17, 2015 05:54AM
I think it still might be Z wobble caused by bent Z threaded rods. On an i3, this would cause more movement in the Y than the X, and it would be about every 8 mm vertically, like yours.
Re: Wobbling
September 17, 2015 12:52PM
If it's only in the y direction, your glass plate or whatever you use to print on may be slipping. Try stronger or more clips and/or spray some hairspray on the back of the plate facing the (heated) bed to make it slightly sticky. Also check your acceleration. If your printer shakes too vigorously things will vibrate loose at some point. Set Amax to a lower setting like 1500mm/s2
Re: Wobbling
September 18, 2015 02:16PM

I just checked my Z-rods which are Tr8x8 and they are perfectly straight (rolled them over a flat surface).
I also checked my acceleration of x and y and they were 5000 mm/s^2 which was the marlin standard setting. Lowered it to 2000 and uploaded the firmware again.
When I have the whole thing assembled again I will update. Thanks so far!!
Re: Wobbling
September 19, 2015 02:48PM
So, reducing the Amax together with loosening a little belt tension helped to get rid of most of my "dents" . However from time to time another dent occurs during huge prints.
It could well be that my Y-belt might be grinding on the pulley. Need to fix this as well.

Thanks for the help!
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