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Prusa i3 and variants

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Ender 3 firmware flash problem.

by dlw
94 10 09/19/2018 12:39AM
Last Post by Dust

Question to the EXPERTS: 2 Mosfet switches parallel

by elvis
80 3 09/12/2018 06:58AM
Last Post by elvis

Extrusion problems

by erniehatt
176 8 09/12/2018 05:07AM
Last Post by erniehatt

Added Lokbuild surface to my Prusa i3 MK3, need help please. Attachments

by 77slevin
76 6 09/11/2018 01:54PM
Last Post by 77slevin

Building a I3

by vmarcano718
61 2 09/09/2018 02:36AM
Last Post by o_lampe

PETG Fuzz Attachments

by dlw
103 7 09/06/2018 11:36PM
Last Post by msaeger

Einsy retro/rambo?

by msaeger
93 8 09/06/2018 11:32PM
Last Post by msaeger

Z-axis home

by corbrink
55 3 09/06/2018 02:56AM
Last Post by corbrink

Prusa i3 reboots (SD card print)

by seventhsky
107 6 09/02/2018 06:47AM
Last Post by seventhsky

Actual printer temps on hot end and bed

by Krpepe
82 8 09/01/2018 09:52AM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Anet a8 with E3D V6 and Piezo20 - working smiling smiley

by krakow2000
93 1 08/31/2018 01:16AM
Last Post by krakow2000

X endstop

by erniehatt
106 9 08/27/2018 03:43AM
Last Post by erniehatt

Creality CR-10 and Anti Backlash nuts.

by Deneteus
188 1 08/21/2018 04:49PM
Last Post by Deneteus

Printer will home but wont do anything else

by eatumup
99 3 08/19/2018 05:34AM
Last Post by eatumup

Einsy Rambo Dual Z Motor Issues

by gibsonk
115 5 08/18/2018 04:56AM
Last Post by gibsonk

Is my SN04-N defective?

by Mandor
1,060 7 08/12/2018 07:07AM
Last Post by Kanad

Eneder 3 driver

by dlw
135 4 08/09/2018 10:40PM
Last Post by Dust

Bed warping issues?

by Sin360
93 2 08/09/2018 11:14AM
Last Post by Dust

bad printing Layer Shifting or Misalignment Attachments

by Blisk
100 1 08/09/2018 07:04AM
Last Post by Blisk

Tronxy Z Axis wont move (Melzi V2)

by eatumup
440 7 08/07/2018 04:24PM
Last Post by eatumup

filament cooling fan shroud?

by Cougar281
238 4 08/07/2018 11:30AM
Last Post by Karoo Klong

Getting Homing working properly Attachments

by lorenjz
105 3 08/06/2018 04:43PM
Last Post by lorenjz

Can I add thermal runaway protection to an Ender 3?

by Aldebaran94
286 3 08/05/2018 11:16AM
Last Post by Dust

Upgrading Duplicator i3 from Melzi to MKS Baase 1.4 with Touch Screen

by MrPuffyNZ
99 1 08/03/2018 07:53PM
Last Post by MrPuffyNZ

Marlin firmware with folger2020?

by foul_owl
99 1 08/03/2018 05:43PM
Last Post by foul_owl

New first printer zonestar

by zonalimitatore
113 1 08/02/2018 07:57AM
Last Post by zonalimitatore

Marlin vs Repertier

by erniehatt
402 18 07/31/2018 02:56AM
Last Post by erniehatt

Thermistor question

by thequestor
105 3 07/30/2018 09:53PM
Last Post by thequestor

Extruder stops extruding. Attachments

by dlw
127 2 07/27/2018 12:12AM
Last Post by o_lampe

3d printing problems with filament. Attachments

by dlw
148 6 07/26/2018 01:55PM
Last Post by dlw