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Prusa i3 and megatronics 3.0

Posted by Ashaira 
Prusa i3 and megatronics 3.0
December 18, 2015 04:47PM
Hello everyone. I'm hopping someone can help me with a less usual problem. I bought a prusa i3 but with some upgrades over the basic kit. For the board i got a megatronics 3 board as i intend to get a diamond hot end after i get comfortable printing.

I had the printer assembled and everything worked calibrations excluded.

I spent about 2-3 days playing around with the calibration parameters (steps per unit, jogs, acceleration etc) and printed several cubes to see the results and learn the effects. One night after i finished another cube i disconnected the printer from my pc and unplugged it from the wall. the next evening i plugged it back in to find out the motors, heaters and fan stopped working. the printer connected to my pc fine with no errors reported in repetier host. the temps are reported properly but neither the heated bed nor the hot end are heating up and no motor moves. i haven't seen any sparks anywhere and i can't see anything burned on the board or smell anything. i got a multimeter for some inspecting and i checked the psu and it's fine. i checked conductivity between power input and all the motors and it checks out, i checked the voltage for the heated bed output and it was 1.85v while the extruder heaters gave 0.51v. The 5v outputs for the end stops showed 5v properly. Now i either don't know how to measure voltage for the motors or they only showed 0.002-0.004v. Something may have burned on the board but i can't see anything damaged or burned in any way and i don't know what else or how to check with the multimeter as my knowledge of electronic board parts is limited. the ramps 1.4 i had initially had the 2 orange squares as fuses but i have no idea what the megatronics v3 fuses look like or how to check is they somehow burned out.

I can order a new board but i bought a kit with the hopes of learning so before i replace the board or take it to a service to have it fixed i would like to try and at least learn to identify problems on the board.
Re: Prusa i3 and megatronics 3.0
December 30, 2015 05:52PM
Closed. Figured out the fuse was blown............
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