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mk42 heatbed clones

Posted by james0934 
mk42 heatbed clones
January 07, 2018 02:48PM
i was browsing through aliexpress and to my surprise i noticed a mk42 heatbed clone for £36. So i was wondering if anyone has purchased this before and if so is it any good?

Re: mk42 heatbed clones
January 24, 2018 03:27AM
Yes I bought one to replace a MK3 heatbed for my Prusa i3 rework 1.5. I am very satisfied.
Fast delivery, good temperature rise.
Re: mk42 heatbed clones
January 31, 2018 06:12AM
I recommend you the Orballo MK42 heatbed. The bed from orballo is made in pcb fr4 3.2mm like the original. Be careful with the aluminium mk42 heatbed from aliexpresss. With aluminium the autoleveling dont work really well and of course will not work the XY calibration. The quality of orballo mk42 heatbed is the same as original. The shipping was really fast. [orballoprinting.com]
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