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I3 Pro Geeetech oozing problem.

Posted by softfoot 
I3 Pro Geeetech oozing problem.
April 30, 2020 01:20PM
I'm tearing my hair out over a problem with a replacement MK8 extruder.

I had the beast running quite well but then the tacky plastic extruder arm broke.
:-( I gather it's a common problem with these printers.

So I bought a replacement arm but now the prints are rather "blobby" on the outside and it oozes for a LONG time after a 50mm manual feed (10-15 seconds) and quite a lot of filament.

So I took the thing apart again and checked everything. The manual feed seems reasonably consistant but as I said it oozes for quite a long time as though the stepper is still running (it isnt!) so I can only think that it might be a partially blocked nozzle and preasure built up in the head.

Can anyone shed light on the cause ? and a possible fix ?

Re: I3 Pro Geeetech oozing problem.
May 03, 2020 10:43AM
Is the new arm metal or plastic?
Is it Bowden or direct?
Plastic will deflect more. Plastic will soften with heat.
Im surprised it makes much difference.
Since you had to disassemble and rebuild you may have changed something on the heat transfer path that could have an effect. Just thinking that if the extruder is heating the filament it would be softer and easier to deflect in a Bowden.
Re: I3 Pro Geeetech oozing problem.
June 05, 2020 12:54PM
I had the same sort of problem with the plastic arm so I fitted a metal one (You couldn't adjust the pressure of the extruder hobbed gear on the filament) The metal one allows you to adjust the pressure to somewhere between preventing the feed gear either gnawing the filament or stalling the feed stepper.)

I suggest you check out This Print Quality Guide to get some ideas on how to resolve your problem. I've book marked it on my browser for this very reason!

Play Bonny!

Re: I3 Pro Geeetech oozing problem.
June 05, 2020 02:28PM
It's a direct drive extruder. I bought a plastic and a metal replacement, the plastic one just dropped in so that is what I am currently using. I would prefer the metal one but it needs a little "bodging" to fit it so I'll do that at some point.

I cleaned the nozzle with the "cold atomic" method and then cleaned the thing out with an needle (the ones for sale on eby are actually accupuncture needles) and it is a lot better. I did increase the "retract" distance as well.

Thanks for the link, I had already found it, but thanks for the thought.

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