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STL Parts for fisher . help

Posted by softice 
STL Parts for fisher . help
February 02, 2019 05:58PM
May it be true that there are several different Fisher delta models. have big problems finding stl files for printing. such as Motor bracket and Carriage.
Everyone I have worked out is wrong. too narrow. including all files on emaker.

have found very little on the thingiverse .. Hope in can help ..

Sorry . google translate ..
Re: STL Parts for fisher . help
February 08, 2019 05:33AM
Try here: [github.com]

The Motor Bracket is part 1305
& the Carriage is part 1304

These are from the original design files from RepRapPro via eMAKER.

Best wishes

RepRap Ltd
Re: STL Parts for fisher . help
March 06, 2019 10:59AM
The following list is STL parts (for printing) are in theFisher/stl folder.

# Description Qty Location

1243.1 Idler 3 Fisher/stl
1245 Kinematic Mount 3 Fisher/stl
1247.1 Nozzle Duct 1 Fisher/stl
1249 Spigot 1 Fisher/stl
1285 Idler bracket 3 Fisher/stl
1301 Effector 1 Fisher/stl
1304 Carriage 3 Fisher/stl
1305 Motor bracket 12 Fisher/stl
1306 Drive block 1 geared-extruder-drive/stl
1307 Drive block spacer (printable version) 1 geared-extruder-drive/stl[/b
1308 Upper Lever (printable version} 1 geared-extruder-drive/stl
1309 Lower Lever 1 geared-extruder-drive/stl
1310 Small gear 1 geared-extruder-drive/stl
1311 Large gear 1 geared-extruder-drive/stl
1320 Tongue 1 geared-extruder-drtive/stl
Re: STL Parts for fisher . help
November 20, 2019 07:47PM
Still haven't found the stl files .. have printed 100 different stl files. nobody fits my fisher
no files from [github.com] fits on my fisher
understand nothing. Strange they didn't fit my printer
Re: STL Parts for fisher . help
November 27, 2019 11:00AM
How do you convert an STL parts for Fisher into a G code file, just using RepRap Documentation ?j
Re: STL Parts for fisher . help
November 28, 2019 09:57AM

If you don't know such an absolut basic information, you probably should read a lot more about 3D-Printing before starting anything.

The Software you are searching for is called a slicer. There are quite a lot of them - e.g. Cura, Slic3r, Slic3r Prusa, Kisslicer, craftware, simplify3d,....
Re: STL Parts for fisher . help
November 29, 2019 05:10AM
Hi Dancer, Thanks for your information on Slicers. I have tried a few from your list. I find that "Cura" is the best. Slic3r gives stringy results when printed. At the moment I have problems downloading Cura ! I will try some of the other Slicers in your list. Thanks.
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