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Fab8 conference + road trip + looking for a job

Posted by reece.arnott 
Fab8 conference + road trip + looking for a job
July 26, 2012 08:12PM
Massey has just opened a Fab Lab associated with the original MIT Fab Lab at their Wellington campus (there are around 130 such labs around the world). There is a you tube video of segment of the Breakfast show reporting on the opening. They are also hosting the Fab8 conference this year. See the below link for information about both:


This is an annual conference for people associated with these fab labs (this years webpage is [www.fab8nz.com]) which has 3 days where some of the public can also register:
Weekend Fab Foo Camp 25th and 26th August (unconference)
1 day Symposium (with cheaper rates for students) 27th August - list of speakers available at [www.fab8nz.com] which includes our own Vik Olliver!

I've signed up for all 3 days and was wondering if any other South Islanders wanted to come and car-pool. The plan at the moment is to take my car from Dunedin and leave it at Picton and catch the ferry across on the evening of Friday the 24th of August coming back on the afternoon of Tuesday the 28th.

(If any of the Wellington Reprappers wanted to put up with me on their couch for a few nights that would be welcome too)

I'd also be open to going out of my way if there were a group of South Island reprappers who can't come to the conference but wanted to meet up for a quick meet and greet at a food-court or something. From the forum chatter there seems to be a few extra popping up in Christchurch and/or Nelson that I haven't met.

Of course, one of the reasons I'm looking for people to share costs is that I am now officially unemployed as I submitted my PhD thesis last week and am now looking for a job.

(You can get the 124 page, 25MB pdf of my thesis from [dl.dropbox.com] "3D scanning from digital images". Most people probably wouldn't want to read much more than the introduction and conclusion but you can if you like - I've recommended the related work chapter to someone who was interested in what was out there in the way of 3D scanning technologies).

My background is IT jobs in technical support and LAN administration roles so that (plus IT consulting) is the sort of jobs I'm applying for but I would prefer to get involved in helping out any Reprap business as an extra brain/pair of hands/whatever if there was any work going somewhere in NZ (although I'd prefer to not work in Auckland - I'm a small town boy at heart).

Any pay rate that is above minimum wage would be considered if the job helped further the Reprap project :-)
Re: Fab8 conference + road trip + looking for a job
July 27, 2012 08:12PM
Sorry Reece, I met you last time in Nelson but I'm in the middle of moving to Christchurch as there is no work here in Nelson. Trying to change career in the middle of a recession is hard enough even harder when your about to turn 45, I have work lined in in Christchurch so the move is imminent

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