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Parts Swap

Posted by Diecast dude 
Parts Swap
April 02, 2010 09:54PM
I am trying to complete a Mendel Repstrap and was wondering if anyone wanted to do a parts swap?

I have the following extra parts
2x metres of 304 8mm Stainless steel rod
3x Nozzle thermal barriers
1x Z belt T5 960mm long
1x set of laser cut gears
1x set of frame vertex made from MDF (surprisingly accurate)
2x ATX Power supply
1x set of thick sheet parts (Acrylic)

I am currently in need of the following parts:
x-180-z-bearing plate_2off
All y-bearing- rapid prototyper parts.
x- carriage-upper and lower
3x Opto end stops
Re: Parts Swap
April 29, 2010 04:30AM
Did you have any luck with these?

I have a makerbot and am currently printing a set of mendel parts for myself - I can probably sort out those parts for you. The only stuff I don't currently have sorted that is on your list of spares is the thick sheet parts and power supply.

Re: Parts Swap
April 30, 2010 02:35AM
I have ended up buying a complete Mendel Kit, which should arrive on Monday, I plan to use this to complete the first Mendel. So ultimately I will end up with two of them! Would you still be interested in a thick sheet set of parts? If so I will get back to you but all the information is on my works computer.

regards Andrew
Re: Parts Swap
October 27, 2010 01:28AM
just give me your e-mail ass and well talk about swap if you still interested.
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