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USB host MAX3421E support request

Posted by Dust 
USB host MAX3421E support request
January 12, 2016 03:45PM
Anyone fell like a challenge?

I would love to see the demise of the the SD card on the Ramps based controllers, the world has moved on to USB, why haven’t we? ,,,,

I would like support to be added for [www.circuitsathome.com]
Just enough to support USB sticks and maybe even harddrives

There are already Arduino libraries for this.

One gotcha is this is a 3.3v device, will need voltage level shifters for mega based boards.

And before you gawk at the price, aliexpress has them for $8, but you should buy from the developers to support them.

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Re: USB host MAX3421E support request
February 08, 2016 07:29PM
The main trouble with adding support for add-on boards is finding the available pins and having room for any added processing overhead. If the supplied USB library needs resources that are already in use by Marlin or pins already used by the RAMPS, it may be difficult to integrate. But if the interface can be as simple as that used by an SD Card reader, maybe it's not too hard. Someone who knows this subject better will need to weigh in.
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