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Cant get VIKI2 to work with Rambo

Posted by lcjnsb 
Cant get VIKI2 to work with Rambo
February 10, 2018 05:20PM
Hi, I need some help..
I have and old Airwolf Dual direct that I am trying to upgrade. It has a Rambo board and a Viki2 display. The LCD is connected via a cable and an Wisonic ROSI2.0 adapter board, that just makes all the connections in 2 places. I am trying to load Marlin 1.1.7 ( i believe , the latest version ) I have configured the VIKI in the configuration.h file and have changed the pins_rambo.h file use pin 72 for the 'easy adapter'. I get nothing on the lcd except some back lighting and the leds ( blue when cold ) does not light. I then tried wiring via the Panuctt website and still the same result. When I load the Airwolf firmware the display works fine. ( Airwolf 3D does not release thier firmware only the .hex files, believe me I've tried). Their version of Marlin is 1.0,0 .
If anyone know how to get it to work I would greatly appreciated it .

Thanks Larry
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