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Filament Runout Sensor on TFT35 screen

Posted by 3Dprinter_newbee 
Filament Runout Sensor on TFT35 screen
August 19, 2019 04:39AM
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to connect filament runout sensor on MKS GEN-L board with TFT-35 touch screen. I made necessary changes to use filament sensor on board connection but my TFT-35 screen doesn't seem to like that very much.
While filament sensor connected on board, when i pull out the filament print is stopped and nozzle parked the determined position as it should be, but TFT-35 doesnt react this move and acts like print still continues. Sad thing is while filament is pulled out and nozzle is parked, i tried to stop/pause on TFT screen but nothing happens. Seems like runout sensor and TFT not communication while sensor connected on board.
TFT has its own pins allocated for filament sensor but i need to customise printhead moves for my printer, so TFT pins are not an option for me.

Do i necessarly use TFT pins or can i find a way to make TFT talk to Marlin.


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