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ABL maximum compensation?

Posted by newbie69 
ABL maximum compensation?
August 12, 2020 09:45AM
Hi All,

What is the maximum offset/wrap a bltouch could compensate?
In the past I spent too much time with manual bed leveling using the "paper method". So I decided to buy a genuine bltouch and spent a lot of money buying it. But now its not clear if my Marlin 2 firmware is not compensating at all or is not compensating enough or is it just not working.
I used this method to set my Probe's Z offset. In the video at 21:40 Chis show his result after G29. There are a few high values there like
X|Y: 0|0: 0.015
but at
X|Y: 0|2: 1.735

If I understand his words correctly he says: "but nothing bilinear bed leveling can't handle" My English is not native so maybe I misunderstand his words.
However according to multiple Marlin's GitHub communication (like this) a lot of notes says the maximum an ABL can compensate is 1/2 of the nozzle diameter but better to below 1/4.

So this second statement means I still have to play a lot manually to level the bed below 0.1 offset which I feel impossible. I never could achive this. Furthermore in this case if I have to level the bed manually so close what is the addition of an ABL device?

So long story short: what is maximum offset an ABL device (like bltouch) can compensate?

Thank you in advance!
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