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M32 command problem

Posted by softfoot 
M32 command problem
February 08, 2021 04:05PM
Further to THIS TOPIC I can now add the following to the "end of job" gcode in Slic3r :-


and it happily plays the music file :-)

If, however I put 2 or more in sequence Marlin throws an error "Exceeded subxxx call" and halts without playing anything.

According to the documentation the '#' flag is supposed to stop Marlin from going any further until the M32 has finished.

Have I got the wrong end of the stick or is the M32 command flawed ??

Re: M32 command problem
February 09, 2021 12:28AM
#define SD_PROCEDURE_DEPTH 1 // Increase if you need more nested M32 calls
Re: M32 command problem
February 09, 2021 05:49AM
Yes, I checked that ... it is set to "1" ... but surely I only need ONE level because the M32 calls are not nested one within another ... just multiple M32 calls within the top level .GCO file ???
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