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More than one toolheads with more than one Z probe types

Posted by hgabor47 
More than one toolheads with more than one Z probe types
April 01, 2021 06:48AM
I made a Hypercube EVO 3D Printer. I have three toolheads:
- Filament printing head (integrated BLTouch)
- Laser engraving head (integrated BLTouch)
- Plywood cutter (Drill head) for wood works ( X )

The printer has a manual tool changer adapter.

All heads has own Z probe devices (BLTouch)

My problem is that in the plywood cutter I can't use BLTouch because the 3mm distance from the bed. The drill can dive about 10-20mm into the wood.
I would like to use another Z probe but I can't figure out, how configure Marlin 2.x.
I found the BLTOUCH define but in the plywood cutter case I need to setup switch or any so I need to reprograming my Mega2560+RAMPS. I want to avoid this procedure.

- Can I change z probe type with any gcode ? (I don't found it)
- Can I setup more than one types of Z probe devices?
- Can I emulate BLTouch and use simple switch in Plywood head?

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