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Attempting to open menu freezes LCD

Posted by tyguy2 
Attempting to open menu freezes LCD
April 15, 2021 01:28AM
Hello all,

I've been trying to port Marlin to a STM32F106RET6 board I have for a project. I've been able to compile and upload firmware to the board, and at this point I seem to have everything working minus the LCD menu system. The LCD (Mini12864 LCD) works fine, it shows the boot screen then goes to the main screen with extruder temps, etc. The issue is when I try to use the encoder. As soon as I press the encoder button, the screen freezes and the entire controller locks up, I have to press the hardware reset button. My only clue to the LCD freezing is the XYZ coordinates that are normally switching between displaying a "0" or a "?" simply freeze. In addition, the beeper does not seem to make noise no matter what I do. The SD card seems to be functioning fine, the board recognizes when the card is inserted and removed. I've also enabled the dummy thermistor just for testing purposes, just so I don't get any under/over temp errors. Any ideas as to what could be causing my issues?
Re: Attempting to open menu freezes LCD
April 15, 2021 01:32AM
Strange, seem to have solved my own problem. Commenting out the #define SPEAKER line both enabled the speaker and fixed the menu
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