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Marlin Autostart not working... At least not always

Posted by daninet 
Marlin Autostart not working... At least not always
October 16, 2021 01:07PM
Hello Everyone,

I have an MKS Gen L board and I want to make one of those kinetic sand tables. To avoid having a PC connected I want to "play" the files from the sd card however it is not working. If I power up the board it is not starting. I can still connect to it with pronterface and give commands or load a file. The only time autostart works is when I upload a new hex file from visual studio. That time it starts right away when the firmware write done and the board rebooted. Pressing the reset button on the board has no effect either.

This is a very "barebone" device, 2 axis, 3 steppers, 3 endstop. Almost everything is disabled in the config (no Z axis, no bed, no extruder, no screen etc.). Latest 2.x marlin from their site.
#define MENU_ADDAUTOSTART is disabled, upon connecting to the device with pronterface I'm getting the SD card OK message and I'm also able to upload files to the SD, so I guess that should be ok. The file name on the SD is auto0.g
any idea?

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Re: Marlin Autostart not working... At least not always
October 18, 2021 02:37AM
I have managed to solve the issue by updating to the latest Marlin from github. I have used the new config files and copied all the settings from the old file. Also I have a feeling for some reason auto0.g is being skipped so I made an empty auto0.g and my first file is auto1.g
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