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Duet wifi Vssa fuse short?

Posted by i_c_miller 
Duet wifi Vssa fuse short?
February 03, 2021 09:20AM
I am using a duet wifi 1.04 and have had an issue where all thermistors read 2000c. From what I have read this indicates a vssa short. Additionally I measured the resistance from vssa to ground with a multimeter at 200 ohms and got a reading of "0.7". I am honestly newer to hobby electronics so what would be my next course of action for this issue?
I heard for this board version the fuse is self resetting but the thermistor reading persists even after unplugging everything from the board and resetting it.
Any tips are appreciated.
Re: Duet wifi Vssa fuse short?
February 04, 2021 03:24AM
When using thermistors, it's more usual to get readings of -273C on all thermistor inputs if there is a short between VSSA and one of the power rails. You would get a reading of 2000C if you configured the input for a PT1000 instead of a thermistor.

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