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Duet is the Arduino Due Compatible RepRap Electronics 
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Where to get help for the Duet series of 3D printer electronics

by dc42
11,019 9 12/15/2018 03:55PM
Last Post by dc42

keep getting spurious http: disconnect messages

by shadowphile
1,110 2 09/30/2021 11:08AM
Last Post by dc42

Need help setting up final calibration using config.g

by shadowphile
635 3 09/19/2021 06:30PM
Last Post by shadowphile

Duet Ethernet won't detect new accelerator board Attachments

by shadowphile
599 3 09/11/2021 12:47PM
Last Post by shadowphile

Duet WIFI Thermistor values

by Viper97
903 3 08/16/2021 07:04PM
Last Post by Viper97

Duet 2: Config 1x X, 4x Y and 2x Z motor

by Space96
2,411 2 06/25/2021 09:30AM
Last Post by dc42

variable encoder steps for varying extrusion print speeds

by shadowphile
1,293 3 06/15/2021 01:10PM
Last Post by shadowphile

Bltouch along with Endstop

by SaarNeu93
1,267 2 06/13/2021 02:27AM
Last Post by dc42

Weird scaling artifact Attachments

by shadowphile
903 7 06/10/2021 03:36PM
Last Post by shadowphile

stuttering hot-end?

by shadowphile
848 5 06/09/2021 08:48PM
Last Post by shadowphile

Duet and Graphics Controler?

by aamcle
1,023 3 06/06/2021 12:42PM
Last Post by aamcle

Hotend fan and security

by build3r
1,760 2 05/10/2021 02:11AM
Last Post by dc42

Best Firmware / Web Control for Duet 0.6

by ntsewell
1,918 2 05/05/2021 02:52AM
Last Post by dc42

Dual Z Issues for Ender 3 w/ Duet 2 Wifi

by Ripeds_O3P
1,635 3 04/26/2021 01:40PM
Last Post by Ripeds_O3P

RepRapFirmware for Duet Ethernet Frequent Disconnects of DWC

by wirlybird
2,632 4 03/08/2021 03:33PM
Last Post by wirlybird

correcting bed temp offset due to thermistor placement

by shadowphile
2,513 15 02/07/2021 02:38AM
Last Post by dc42

Duet wifi Vssa fuse short?

by i_c_miller
2,236 2 02/04/2021 03:24AM
Last Post by dc42

BLT and DeutWiFi not working as intended.

by Dunston-UK
3,527 13 12/30/2020 04:41PM
Last Post by dc42

DUET2 IR leveling problem

by Jdsuniphase
4,517 2 09/09/2020 04:20PM
Last Post by dc42

DUET2 uses IR to automatically level the problem

by Jdsuniphase
4,065 2 09/09/2020 04:19PM
Last Post by dc42

Do not send a file starting with a number from Simply3D!

by dlc60
1,889 3 09/07/2020 07:06PM
Last Post by dlc60

CoreXY printer intermittant level shifts45 degrees Attachments

by dlc60
2,227 4 08/12/2020 01:35AM
Last Post by dlc60

2 PWM fand from single output?

by drmaestro
2,663 3 07/19/2020 10:24AM
Last Post by Martalus

Duet 2 Maestro power questions

by dlc60
2,368 5 06/10/2020 01:35PM
Last Post by dlc60

Duet web interface 3.1.1 print duration?

by dlc60
2,333 3 06/08/2020 04:37PM
Last Post by dlc60

Duet 3 resetting during print

by Via
2,489 1 06/03/2020 04:55AM
Last Post by Via

RepPanel - A display alternative for the PanelDue

by seeul8er
2,325 2 05/26/2020 04:58AM
Last Post by JoergS5

Wiring precision piezo on Duet2Wifi

by chris54
2,437 3 05/11/2020 06:02AM
Last Post by Moriquendi

Octopi though paneldue com insteald of USB Attachments

by osterac
3,391 13 05/07/2020 12:14AM
Last Post by sdavi

Alternate firmware for Duet WiFi

by Adroid
3,274 1 03/20/2020 08:20PM
Last Post by Adroid

Intermittent power failure and network communication failure Attachments

by efraimalexander
2,491 8 03/20/2020 04:12PM
Last Post by dc42