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Delta Z-Height Question

Posted by WZ9V 
Delta Z-Height Question
May 22, 2017 09:43PM
I'm doing this sequence to calibrate

M280 PS3 ; BLTouch drop pin
G32 ; calibrate
G31 ; delta grid
M374 ; save grid
M500 ; save
M280 PS7 ; BLTouch raise pin
G28 ; Home

Then this to set Z height
G0 Z5 ; move close to bed
; manually jog down in pronterface until grabbing a rolling paper
M306 Z0 ; set Z= 0
M500 ; save

After doing this I've set the Z height and M206 shows a Z value that is the difference between probe triggered and actual 0. Now if I print a single layer test object 0.4mm nozzle 0.25mm layer height and the layer height is a bit off say 0.35mm, how should I adjust it.

I've tried M206 z(new value) but it didn't seem to have an effect. Do I need to adjust the max z value instead?
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