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Finding help with Smoothie

by arthurwolf
16,285 1 06/15/2016 02:11PM
Last Post by arthurwolf

Use same smoothieware config for CNC and Laser?

by daninet
5,427 5 06/08/2022 09:52AM
Last Post by VDX

Z probe versus endstop

by Claghorn
5,057 2 05/08/2021 01:43PM
Last Post by Claghorn

Re-arm for RAMPS 1.4, BLTouch problem

by LooneyT
5,287 2 05/06/2021 04:22PM
Last Post by LooneyT

Motors off versus motors simply not moving?

by Claghorn
3,616 3 03/24/2021 11:14PM
Last Post by Claghorn

smoothie over network with cura idea

by Claghorn
4,085 1 02/03/2021 09:11PM
Last Post by Claghorn

configuring smoothie firmware

by catmandu
4,085 5 01/30/2021 09:56AM
Last Post by catmandu

Help! I'm overthinking PWM fans!

by Claghorn
3,910 2 01/22/2021 10:42PM
Last Post by Dust

MKS SBase1.3 Endstops/Homing issues Attachments

by fumo
4,130 1 01/08/2021 10:40AM
Last Post by fumo

MKS sbase 1.3 - thermistor problems Attachments

by automotives
6,060 3 01/02/2021 07:11PM
Last Post by jkavirl

kossel linear plus with smoothieware

by ormerodnewb
4,488 4 11/07/2020 09:42AM
Last Post by Dust

Smoothieboard TFT touchscreen?

by Robotnik3D
5,569 3 11/07/2020 03:10AM
Last Post by ormerodnewb

Smoothie ask to much power from USB hub/ laptop Attachments

by B-Art
4,947 2 07/12/2020 04:30PM
Last Post by Diggrr

Smoothieboard Large MOSFET Problems

by brendanind
4,785 1 06/23/2020 04:35AM
Last Post by brendanind

Wattage rating for 24v power supply for smoothie

by jbernardis
4,751 4 06/03/2020 02:10AM
Last Post by dc42

Smoothie stepper chatter and movement issues

by StuartMoorhouse
4,752 2 05/23/2020 06:24PM
Last Post by StuartMoorhouse

[Solved] Azteeg x5 GT with BSD2660, dual Z axis problems. Attachments

by xnopasaranx
4,905 4 05/19/2020 01:24PM
Last Post by Diggrr

Additional delta towers

by Anon1337
4,883 1 05/14/2020 04:46PM
Last Post by Anon1337

Error in config

by eslavko
4,929 1 04/24/2020 05:17AM
Last Post by eslavko

Homing not work as expected.

by eslavko
4,893 2 04/23/2020 01:31PM
Last Post by eslavko

MKS sbase 1.3 and filament sensor

by jzagaja
5,609 8 04/08/2020 04:38AM
Last Post by arthurwolf


by arthurwolf
5,068 1 04/05/2020 09:45AM
Last Post by arthurwolf

Azteeg X5 GT issues

by wednesday
7,739 26 04/02/2020 10:13PM
Last Post by wednesday

Double extruder needs two PID values in Marlin firmware Attachments

by Dr. Dave
5,164 3 04/02/2020 09:09PM
Last Post by Dr. Dave

New low cost graphical panel for Smoothieware Attachments

by Serhiy_K
5,948 2 04/01/2020 06:07PM
Last Post by arthurwolf

not a sanctioned board?

by Dust
6,493 10 04/01/2020 06:06PM
Last Post by arthurwolf

A5984/A4982 and APFD mode (Is ROSC grounded on a v1 smoothie?)

by aaronH
5,312 2 04/01/2020 06:04PM
Last Post by arthurwolf

Real Smoothieboard

by NAP1947
6,030 6 04/01/2020 06:03PM
Last Post by arthurwolf

SKR 1.3 Heated Bed Issue

by keremdikmen
6,157 7 04/01/2020 05:58PM
Last Post by arthurwolf

Smoothieboard v1 issues

by luthorgelt
5,020 2 04/01/2020 05:57PM
Last Post by arthurwolf

Smoothiebard and External Stepper Drivers

by herrgray
5,287 4 04/01/2020 05:53PM
Last Post by arthurwolf