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Smoothieboard TFT touchscreen?

Posted by Robotnik3D 
Smoothieboard TFT touchscreen?
April 09, 2020 06:24PM
First, I'm a happy user of the original v1 Board, it came directly from Brest a few years ago. smiling smiley I'm recently using it with a 12864 LCD (with the adapter board), and despite the poor contrast on the display it works fine with the smoothieboard.
I'm building up a second printer and I was thinking about a nice TFT touchscreen. I got the MKS TFT35 but not sure how to connect it. Do I have to connect it just to the Rx Tx + and ground pins on Smoothie or there are any other options? The display itself has power, but obviously dont send or receive any data... The baud rate is the same on both...

Any Idea? I would like to stay with smoothieboard, don't want a MKS board (it is crap with no proper support). Are there maybe other TFT's on the market for smoothie?

EDIT (I was reading a bit, to find some answers, but it just created new questions...). smiling smiley

What's with the PanelDue, does it work with smoothie now?
What's with the fabrica project? It was mentioned a few years ago, it seems that nothing happened since... I'm considering to switch to Duet3D maybe....

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Re: Smoothieboard TFT touchscreen?
April 11, 2020 10:53AM
I asked MKS, and they said I can't connect the display to smoothieboard.
Hard to believe, as their MKS Boards are more or less cloned smoothieboards which are running smoothieware. So, does anybondy here has maybe some experience with that combination?
Re: Smoothieboard TFT touchscreen?
November 07, 2020 03:10AM
i added a mks tft3.5 v1.0 to a mks sbase 1.3 just aux1 to aux1, flash firmware off sd on the screen before connecting it to the board (add files to sd card, plug card into tft and USB to USB off your pc) then press the button on the back of the screen to reset and it will install the firmware of the tft ... then plug it in aux1 to aux 1 ...... obviously configure the configuration text before plugging it into the lcd.
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