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PID takes forever from 80C?

Posted by StlLooking 
PID takes forever from 80C?
December 18, 2018 12:52PM
Ubuntu 16.04, Anycubic Delta

Hi, just installed the latest .bin, Dec-10, from memory.

Decided to do an auto-PID (M303 E0 S220) and it starts at 80-C and cycles 8 times then goes to 81-C and does it all again.

I used the instructions on the Smoothie web-page and I have been waiting twenty minutes and it is just now doing 213 cycle.

// Autopid Status - 213.5/220 @64 0/8
// Autopid Status - 213.6/220 @64 0/8

Seriously? Why start at 80-C? Is this going to keep faffing about until that 0/8 is 8/8? Likely to take days!
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