[How to] Painting printed parts
July 15, 2018 03:31AM
I just finished some gadgets for medieval and gaming-fans. I tried to make them look used/real metal.

I made The Witcher 3 medaillon from red PLA, masked the tongue and eyes. Then sprayed it matt black.
I took a small soft brush, shortened the bristles and tapped silver metallic acrylic paint over the dry paint. Don't wipe the brushes, just tap. Use as little paint as possible.

The mace is finished the same way, but with bronce metallic. The handle could've been made from real wood, the front and end cups are separate parts.
I have another part in the make, which should look like steel. Blue/silver metallic mixed. I'll post it later.

Maybe this thread is a good starting point for collecting tips and tricks ?
Anyone who wants to share his airbrush experience or anything else?

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Re: [How to] Painting printed parts
September 25, 2018 01:54PM
Those look great! I haven't really messed with painting or otherwise finishing printed parts as the stuff I make is typically primarily functional, but often times it's desirable for even purely functional parts to look nice.

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Re: [How to] Painting printed parts
February 20, 2019 06:51AM
Nice work, thanks for sharing.
I like The Witcher 3 medaillon, looks very realistic.

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