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New ideas ...

Posted by VDX 
New ideas ...
February 09, 2019 04:38AM
... I was hoping to start a discussion basis for new ideas and alternatives to the "large-volume sea garbage collection" a little faster - but will probably take some time ...

Then another suggestion from me to bring larger quantities to the surface:

- 4 or more ships (or rafts/islands) can drop a folded net, conned with ropes between the ships (net as large as possible - hundreds of meters?) to shortly above the seabed ... let it roll out there ... and pull it up so slowly that fish and other mobile sea creatures have the opportunity to escape ... so that they do not have to swim through the entire net, there should be larger gaps in the net at regular intervals as "emergency exits" ...

When the net is lowered, the collapsed net and the carrying ropes pass through the drifting garbage without major turbulence - and the ships can also be close to each other ... only when pulling up and "stretching" the net they should then move away from each other.

Here are a few thoughts:
- the folding up (collapsing) and later unfolding of the net can be done similarly to a parachute
- the required mesh size and number/arrangement of the "emergency exit holes" can only be determined with the first tests
- if the net is already filled with garbage, the "mesh size" becomes smaller and smaller and also the "emergency exit holes" could get blocked
- instead of ships, larger "swimming bladders" inflated with compressed air (or gas from chemical reaction) could also provide buoyancy
- instead of huge nets also many smaller ones could bring up the "small stuff" with then possible finer meshes
- ...

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