March 11, 2010 11:35AM
So there's a few of us in the area.. Wondering who is still around here and actively using/building a RepRap or other type of machine.. and who thinks it might be a cool idea to meet up and talk about them? I know that one of the guys from FamiLab has a MakerBot and has been working on trying to print the components for a RepRap, and i'm trying to acquire the pieces from people online and such.

Anyone else interested in perhaps a meet at a local coffee shop or somewhere to show off our devices and perhaps help each other out with ideas and such?
Re: Meeting...
May 18, 2010 02:31AM

Yes, I would be interested in meeting up.

many thanks!

Re: Meeting...
May 30, 2010 10:32PM
hey, I'm just getting into build a reprap! I'd really enjoy some advice and guidance from anyone that would be willing. I'm here in apopka. PM me and I'll send over my email so we can communicate. Thanks! spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: Meeting...
June 07, 2010 09:35AM
Cool, guys! We've been making good progress on the first Mendel here at FamiLAB in Orlando. We've got one almost done, steppers are mounted and the circuit boards are almost done. We're etching ourselves some Stepper Driver 3.2s and gonna use those along with the techzone electronics.

If anyone is interested in checking out the Mendel or MakerBot we have there, let me know! We've got meetings weekly, and we can figure out a time one of us (the two people working on these bots) can be around to show you them.
Re: Meeting...
July 31, 2010 06:40PM
I would definitely be interested in seeing your Mendel as well as talking electronics. I am very new to electronics in general but might be able to help you guys out with my machine shop if you have any projects that you wished you could build out of metal but lacked the capabilities to do so.
Re: Meeting...
October 04, 2011 03:37PM
Did this ever go anywhere?
I am in Titusville, by the space center. Just starting a Prusa build. Parts are in the mail.
Re: Meeting...
October 04, 2011 03:46PM
It has! Currently at FamiLAB we have my RepRap Sells, two RepRap Prusas, a MakerBot, and a new member who just got a Thing-o-Matic kit and would like some help building it.

We are actually having an open house tonight, and while I know it's short notice (and a bit of a drive to Altamonte) If you'd like to see something put together, the RepRap I have is mostly together, it's in the middle of an overhaul, the Prusa might be there (if the owner of the machine feels up to coming).

Otherwise, we just had a very successful RepRap Rescue weekend, where we fixed and tuned some of the machines, and are looking into hosting some more 3D printing events, so if you would like to chat about it, hit us up in the #familab channel on or email myself at
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