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printer comparison sheet

Posted by basscleff 
printer comparison sheet
February 15, 2013 03:57PM
Hello all! New to the forum and 3d printers in general. I actually saw an iphone lego case that was 3d printed and the world of 3d printing opened up to me.

In making my decision to build one.. my question is is there a quick comparison of features and pro' con's of each diy 3d printer?

I'm a little concerned about limitations on printable size, for example 8" x 8" I believe the prusa supports.

Which printers would allow for larger objects to be modeled, or would you need to split yoru objects in smaller sub-sections?


would appreciate any local vendors (barrie area) and anyone selling partds as well.
Re: printer comparison sheet
February 19, 2013 04:22PM
Im going to suggest if you want to build larger items you will want to make your own design. The alternative is to make smaller pieces that add up to create a large piece. to each their own
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