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giving away reprap stuff

Posted by badmanjoe 
giving away reprap stuff
October 22, 2013 12:57PM
Hi guys,

Im going to dis-assemble some of my printers and give away their items ++ many more unused NEW items.
Sadly i dont have the space anymore sad smiley nor the time.

I have tons of stuff to give away..
Belts (NEW or nearly unused)
Pulleys, 8mm bore or 5mm bore.. all aluminum 20/36 teeth
RAMPS, hall effect endstops... printrboard rev D
Maybe also got a heatbed or two!

Price: symbolic prices only!!!! (+ shipping)

I used to sell on ebay, shipping times were usually 5-8 days for EU, 8-14 days to US, rest of the world dunno smiling smiley
shipping price depends on weight... 7-15$ i assume but no more than that!

If you want details regarding what i got and the condition of the item please contact me!!
I DO NOT CHECK FORUMS MUCH!!! so catch me on my email:: [email protected]

Happy repraping guys!
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