What type of PLA do 3D printers work best with?
December 10, 2015 05:18PM
I have a local plastics company trying to sponsor me. They heard about me through a recent news article that was made about me. Due to myself being 15 years of age, they thought it would be a good idea to sponsor me and my projects by providing us pellets to produce our own filament in case I get publicity from my new project that I have been working on. We have a filament extruder all made up, but no quality pellets.

We told the company that we prefer PLA.

- What type of PLA do our printers print best with?

- Are there even different types of pellets?

I tried doing a bit of research, but had no luck finding any helpful information, so I was hoping that someone with more knowledge that me in this area would be able to help me out. Thanks smiling smiley
Re: What type of PLA do 3D printers work best with?
December 11, 2015 07:43AM
You might get more response from the filastruder forum (http://www.soliforum.com/forum/23/diy-filament-materials/). That said as far as I know PLA is more difficult then ABS because you need some adjuvants to make the filament less brittle .
Re: What type of PLA do 3D printers work best with?
December 12, 2015 09:44PM
PLA sucks water out of the air like a sponge. In order to extrude reasonable quality filament from pellets you need to dry them first. If you use PLA filament to print, you'll want to keep the filament stored in a sealed container with desiccant. When it absorbs moisture and you try to print you'll hear popping coming from the extruder as the moisture in the filament boils off and makes bubbles in the plastic. The bubbles will reduce the surface quality of your prints.

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