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What Filament do I have?

Posted by DaHai8 
What Filament do I have?
February 26, 2017 09:50PM
I bought a spool of Black PLA, but it sure doesn't act like PLA.
It's oily, more flexible, and doesn't want to stick to the build plate (PrintBite) at any temperature combination (bed/extruder)
It doesn't smell when printed and the stated print temperature rage on the label says '190c-210c' which differs from the 'standard' PLA I normally get: 190c-220c
It sorta acts like PETG, but not as flexible when printed - plus I can get PETG to stick to the print bed.
Any ideas how to tell exactly what this is?
Or is it really just crap PLA?
Re: What Filament do I have?
February 27, 2017 12:48PM
... PLA with additives can behave different - so try to get some info about the receipe ...

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