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Help with indents in a 3d face (pokemon/d20)

Posted by imfunny 
Help with indents in a 3d face (pokemon/d20)
July 31, 2011 12:44AM
okay, so this may be a crazy idea, but i want to make a d20 die (20 sided die) that has a pokemon on each face (#1 bulbasaur, #2 ivysaur, etc. all the way to 20).

so i have a .stl of a d20 and i have seen a d20 indented with roman numerals on each face (maybe have been done in sketch up?) so i am thinking this is possible somehow...

any ideas? i'm on a mac, but have bootcamp as well.

or maybe is there a way i can put a picture in the modeling program and trace over it?

Thanks so much for all the help this forum has already provided!
What you'd want is to get a model of each face you want, sort of like a cookie cutter. Then you'd position each pokemon face over each face of the die and do a boolean subtraction to subtract the shape of the pokemon from the face of the d20, which should give you the effect you're looking for.
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