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[Sold] Full set Makerbot type plastc sliders Single extruder ,fans and mk10 hot end

Posted by grimlok2000 

Full set plastic parts kit for Makerbot type or clone 3D Printer MK10 ABS Black,X slider,mounting bar ,MK10 hot end and turbo fan is Qidy X1 spare part for single extruder .

Packing list:
2pcs Plastic Bracket For Heating Bed

1pc Y-axis R

1 pc Y-axis L

1 pc X-axis single extruder slider ,Original part for Qidy X1

1 pc X-axis MK10 mounting aluminium block

1 pc MK10 barrel with PTFE 4/2 M7

1 pc MK10 nozzle mounting block 20 x20 x10 mm M7

1 pc nozzle stainless steel M7 0,4mm

1 pc turbo fan 24 v for cooling nozzle

1 pc brushles fan 4010

1 pc pasive heat sink

1 pc filament feeder plastic part L + gear

This Frame Plastic Parts mount with 12pcs linear Bearing of LMS8UU

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