CNC Router Machine FOR SALE
November 13, 2019 09:40AM
Desktop / Benchtop CNC Router £3600.00 O.N.O

This machine can cut, engrave, mill and draw.

Very rigid all metal construction and easy to assemble with Allen keys or screwdrivers. The machine base is constructed using aluminium extrusions 2040 and securely fastened together with internal steel angle brackets. On top of this framework sits an 18mm plywood sheets to increase the rigidity.
The machine can be used for cutting and engraving various materials such as wood, plywood, and acrylic, plastic in a range of thicknesses and non-ferrous metals, brass, aluminium up to 8-12 mm thick.
Constructed using 20 series aluminium profiles and 6 mm steel plates, 15 mm HI-WIN Linear Rails and carriages.

Driven by:
NEMA 23 motors and 1605 Ball-screws (16 mm) pitch 5 mm.
Machine size: 1500mm X 1000mm
Cutting area: 1250mm(Y) x 720mm(X) x 100mm (Z) Plunge depth is dependent on size of cutting tool being used and material being cut.
The CNC Machine has a recently upgraded Z axis giving the machine greater Z travel and improved rigidity. it has been upgraded using HI-WIN rails and ball-screw to match the other 2 axes. It is a very robust and sturdy machine. The spindle motor has also been upgraded from 1000w to 1500w motor and is brand new.

Spindle motor:

Technical data:

1.5kw Variable Frequency Drive inverter:
Technical Parameter of 1.5KW Air-cooled Spindle motor:
1) Spec: 65*200 mm (Diameter:65mm x Length:200mm)
2) Power: 1.5 KW
3) Voltage: 220V
4) Frequency: 400 Hz
5) Speed: 0-24000 R/min
6) AIR- Cooling
7) Er11 collet chuck
8) Runout off:less than 0.005mm

1) Inpute Voltage: 220V±15%
2) Output Voltage – 208-240VAC (analogous to Input Voltage)
3) Inpute Frequency: 48-63 Hz
4) Outpute Frequency: 0-400 Hz
5) Inpute Phase: 1/3 phase
6) Outpute Phase: 3 phase
Also supplied ER11 collet system with collets 1- 7mm.

Motion Controller:
The control has been designed as 4 axis controller, but 3 axis are currently being used to control this machine. The user has the option to use a 4th axis (rotary axis) in the future.
The control box connects to a windows based PC running windows 7 via a high speed USB output. The controller used in the control box can be used to do much, it has spare inputs and outputs that are not currently being used.
The control box consists of:
24v 360w Power supply with dedicated cooling fan.
USB 2khz controller or breakout board
4 x 4A driver modules, one for each stepper motor.
E –stop button.
The machine is connected to the control box via metal aviator plugs and uses 4 core shielded cable to reduce interference. The box also has its own dedicated cooling fan.

The machine is fitted with 3 home switches, but does not have limit switches, these can be fitted if the uses requires them.

This machine is six months old and has been run for 30 days continuous in total. It cuts with exceptional quality and precision. It has been constructed using high quality materials for longevity and will last 10-15 years if properly maintained. The linear bearings and ball-screws require regular greasing and cleaning, once per month dependant on use.

It uses Mach 3 CNC control software, but is up to the user which pre-processor (toolpath software) they wish to use. Mach 3 XML file is included with the machine config file and settings.

This machine cost well over £4000 new including software, plus computer cost, peripherals.

Windows 7 PC Dell optiplex 755
Dual core processor 2.0GHz
Onboard graphics card
80 Gb HDD
Monitor with bracket, keyboard, mouse.
The computer is (included) with this deal at no extra cost £120.00.

Here are a few: (both are easy-to-use)

Estlcam 2.5D, 3D toolpath software, very affordable £40.00
Vectric; Cut2D, Vcarve Desktop / Pro, Aspire from £110.00

The buyer will be issued with an invoice for bank transfer, credit card maybe used as form of payment, but incurs a 3% additional charge.

Once the invoice has been paid in full, the new buyer may arrange a visit to see the machine working before it is dismantled and packaged for transit.

The machine does not include the case show in the photos.

The buyer must collect the machine due to machine weight.

We have recently moved to Leigh Spinners Mill, Park Lane, Leigh, WN7 2LB. and the machine is currently setup, the buyer may visit Our Studio to view the machine by appointment.
Contact me:, +44(0) 7454395412

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