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STEEL CORE gt2 belt [or dyneema, kevlar, etc]

Posted by Tomek 
STEEL CORE gt2 belt [or dyneema, kevlar, etc]
October 01, 2015 02:51PM
Hi, I'm planning on putting my belt under higher tension than is typical. Does anyone have or know where to source higher quality GT2 belt?

I went through the entire wiki on belts, and T2.5 has a couple german sources for steel core, but GT2 is only neoprene/fiberglass everywhere I look.

Sources, leads, feedback, etc, anything would be appreciated. I'm not having any luck at all!

Re: STEEL CORE gt2 belt [or dyneema, kevlar, etc]
October 02, 2015 03:39PM
If anyone else is looking...I ended up biting the bullet and finding a few suppliers on aliexpress. We'll see if that works out.

I also found a single seller on ebay, when I stored for "steel cord gt2" instead of "steel core gt2" [Cord and core both kind of do make sense for naming the internal type.]

For some reason the steel stuff ends up being with polyurethane instead of (what I think the regular fiberglass belt uses) neoprene.

I'll run a couple tests till failure but I don't think I'll get good performance spec sheets from the aliexpress seller :s.
Re: STEEL CORE gt2 belt [or dyneema, kevlar, etc]
April 02, 2016 07:44AM
Any follow up on your steel core belts?
Re: STEEL CORE gt2 belt [or dyneema, kevlar, etc]
November 09, 2016 11:29AM
Well I've been using them on my corexy for around a year and recently some of the steel wires are snapping. I am using 16 tooth pulleys.

They work well but the steel does fatigue eventually. Not bad value though from China. Might try kevlar belts next see if they last longer.

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