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Sanguish Electronics Board

Release status: working

All in one electronics with Toshiba drivers
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Assembly Instructions

You will first need to decide what voltage you will run your heaters and motors at. The motors and heaters can be powered from different voltages. Then decide what your max current will be for each stepper driver. Most commonly all the drivers will be set the same, but if you are going to run your Z axis with two motors in parallel then you may want the Z driver to have double the max current. Max current depends on the motors. Often motors are run at some fraction of their max rated current. This will give less torque but will allow the motors to run cooler. One easy option would be to set the max current equal to the motor max rated current, and then you could set the torque jumpers to 75% if they run too hot. These drivers don't have a potentiometer to set max current so you are limited to four settings. Once you set the max current via the current sense resistors, you get only 100%, 75%, 50%, and 20% current via the torque jumpers. If you leave one of the current sense resistor sockets empty it would be fairly easy to increase the max current later by soldering additional resistors into the empty spots.

There are two resistors per coil and two coils per driver. The two resistors for each coil are wired in parallel, so the current from each simply adds together. Included in the kit are three different resistors. 0.5 ohm (green black silver gold) = 1 amp 1 ohm (brown black gold gold) = 0.5 amp 1.5 ohm (brown green gold gold) = 0.33 amp The two resistors indicated are both for the first coil of the first stepper. The two below are for the other coil. The pictured board is set to 2 amps max current for all coils. 0.5 ohm + 1 ohm would give 1.5 amps max. 1.5 ohm + 1 ohm would give .83 amps max. Set both coils of the same driver the same. Separate drivers can be different.

Possible combinations using resistors supplied in the kit would be:

one 1.5 ohm resistor per coil = 0.33 amp max

one 1 ohm resistor per coil = 0.5 amp max

1.5 ohm and 1 ohm resistors per coil = 0.83 amp max

one 0.5 ohm resistor per coil = 1 amp max

1.5 ohm and 0.5 ohm resistors per coil = 1.33 amp max

1.0 ohm and 0.5 ohm resistors per coil = 1.5 amp max

two 0.5 ohm resistors per coil = 2 amp max

For other resistors not supplied in the kit the equation for current is I=0.5/R where R is the resistance and I is the current.

Electronic Components

Description Part Number Quantity Comments

360 Ohm resistor R11, R12, R34, R42 5 LED and Transistor bias. Optional R66 for 24V conversion.
Wire Jumper for relay coil R66 5 For 12V driver power. Use 360 Ohm for 24V supply.
4.7 K Ohm resistor RT1, RT2 2 Thermistor voltage divider
2.2 K Ohm resistor R14, R22, R38, R69, R70 2 12V LED current limiting, and weak pull ups.
0.5 Ohm 1/2 W resistor R50-R65 16 Current sense resistors. As desired for your max current.
1 Ohm 1/2 W resistor R50-R65 8 Current sense resistors. As desired for your max current.
1.5 Ohm 1/2 W resistor R50-R65 8 Current sense resistors. As desired for your max current.
40 pin female header 0 3 Sockets for driver chips
single row 40 pin male header 0 1.5 jumper headers, connectors etc.
dual row 40 pin male header 0 1 jumper headers, connectors etc.
10 A Relay Relay1 1 Power on sequencing switch
40 Pin Dip socket U1 1 Socket for Atmega
ATMega U1 1 644P or 1284P
Crystal U6 1 16 or 20 MHz
22 pf Capacitor C3, C4 2 for crystal oscillator
NO Push button switch Reset 1 Reset Switch
0.1 uf ceramic capacitor C5, C14, C16, C18, C19, C24, C26-C29 10 various
33 uf electrolytic capacitor CT1, CT2, CT10-CT13 6 driver isolation and temp
330 uf electrolytic capacitor 0 2 Motor and heater power input caps
Toshiba TB6560AHQ drivers U10-U13 4 stepper drivers
FET 0 3 heaters and relay driver
LED LED2, LED5, LED6, LED9 4 heater indicators, power indicators
2 pos screw terminal Power1, Power2, Heater1, Heater2 4 power in and heater out
100 pf ceramic capacitor C20, C22, C25, C28 4 driver clock capacitors

Photos of Assembly

Here is a brief pictorial with instructions. You can click on each picture to get a larger view. Component markings are indicated in parenthesis like this (red, red, brown)