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Sanguish Electronics Board

Release status: working

All in one electronics with Toshiba drivers
CAD Models
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Sanguish is an all-in-one electronics platform similar to Gen7 and Sanguinololu. The main difference is that Sanguish is using the through hole Toshiba TB6560AHQ drivers in place of the Pololu driver daughter boards. The main advantage is cost savings, as the Toshiba stepper motor drivers are much less expensive than the Pololu boards. In addition it is likely that the Toshiba drivers will allow higher current motors to be used. The HZip form factor will be much easier to heat-sink, and the drivers will handle more current before requiring a heat sink than the Pololu drivers will.

Note: The enable line is inverted from the way it works on the Pololu drivers so this needs to be changed in firmware for correct operation. Smoke containment should now be enforced by the relay that powers the drivers


Only the basics

The relay for driver power should enforce the power on sequence required by these drivers

4 Stepper drivers, 2 FETS, 2 Temp inputs, 3 Endstop inputs, Header for Arduino (USB) programming cable, expansion header.

Polyfuze for each heater and for the motor drivers.

Made for DIY kit builders and sellers. Mostly through hole components.

Very inexpensive to build

4 TB6560 drivers capable of handling over 2 amps of current easily

Built in USB-Serial converter (MCP2200)

Version 1.0 and higher are compatible with SDSL SD Card adapter

How to get it

PM me [bryanandaimee] in the forums. 1.1 kits are available for $50 with USB-serial converter on board, $45 without (for those with their own USB-serial cable). Shipping is $5 in the US, and $12 everywhere else. Shipping is by USPS first class mail and is only tracked to the US border except for a small list of countries with full tracking.

Sanguish 1.1

Sanguish 1.1 is the current release. RC2 became the release version without changes, so the link below is still the most current version.

File:Sanguish 1.1

Add bypass caps to 5V supply of each driver. Done

Split 5V supply trace for drivers and ATMega for better noise immunity. Done

Combine Z enable with others to free up pin for standalone controller. Done

Add diode for reverse polarity protection of 5V line. Done

Add electrolytic cap to 7805 5V output. Done

Move endstop connectors to the edge of the board facing out. Done

Power MCP2200 USB-Serial chip from USB. (eliminate interference for bluetooth adapters etc.)Done

Add 5V power back to serial headers via jumper to power bluetooth adapters. Done

Sanguish 1.0:

Sanguish 1.0 is the first major release of the Sanguish electronics.

Sanguish 1.0 files are linked here.File:Sanguish

Improvements over the beta board include:

USB-Serial is onboard! Using a MCP2200 chip.

Added Indicator LED's for 5V and Motor power.

Better power traces in the Hot End and HBP power section

Added two always on Fan connectors.

Added a second pinout for add on serial cables and Bluetooth modules. (Testing soon)

Beta board:

Sanguish first print.JPG
Sanguish Beta top.JPG

Update! May 2013: I have some boards built and have completed the first full test print. Over an hour printing at 2 amps per stepper and with a full sized heated bed. As a result I will be selling the remaining beta boards to willing testers.

March 2013 Just finished the beta board for the board houses. It's probably still pretty rough but I expect that it will perform fairly well.

Changes from alpha:

The relay wiring is fixed.

The layout is now under 10 cm X 10 cm so it can be made very cheaply at seeedstudio or iteadstudio

The power toggle issue comes from the sanguino bootloader which toggles PB0 on reset. This issue can be fixed by using the Gen7 bootloader. Perhaps in future revisions the power pin can be moved to an inactive pin to allow flexibility to use either bootloader.

Files: Here are the files, File:Sanguish if you want them. I would wait for 1.0 before doing any solo builds. If you want one now, please buy a beta board.

TODO for Version 1.0:

Sanguish 1.0 RC1 is ready. I'll be getting some boards and doing some testing soon.

Beef up the power traces for the heaters. Done

Move FET's for better heatsink clearance. Done

Add Fan connectors (always on)Done

Add second stepper connector for Z axis. Done

check on compatibility with SD card boards, and controller kits. Done

Add some power indicator lights for main power and motor power. Done

Add jumper for reset line on serial cable instead of socketing the cap. Done

Fix schematic symbol for relay to reflect correct pinout and part

Add more info to the silkscreen. Done

Add current limiting resistor for relay coil. Done

Add mounting holes if possible. Done

USB-Serial on board if possible. Done.

Current limiting resistor for jumpers. Done

Move stepper connectors to the edge of the board for easier connections. Done

Combine enable lines to free up some pins. Done

Add header for common cheap USB adapter boards. Done


I have the first 20 boards and I am building them slowly. The first board has successfully completed a long (over one hour) print. Update: I have run my test board for over 24 hours of printing and haven't come across any harware related issues yet. In addition there are 5 Beta boards (soon to be 7) in the wild and reports are beginning to come in from them.


Here is the preliminary Mouser project. Mouser project

It should have everything in it needed to build the basic board. No external parts are included. So cabling, end-stops, etc. are left to the user to source. You can of course use the Gen7_Endstop_1.3.1 or use mechanical end-stops. The mouser project is still pretty rough as the parts list is a bit fluid at the moment.


Sanguish Beta Bottom.JPG

The mouser project with all needed components comes to $49 in QTY 1 and $404 in QTY 10. In order to bring down the total cost I substituted the pin and socket headers, capacitors and screw terminals from Tayda electronics. This brings the total to

Mouser components = $260.97 + S+H (est $12) = $272.97

Tayda components = 21.20 + S+H 5.99 = $27.19

PCB Seeedstudio Fusion PCB 10x10 cm = $24.90 + S+H $7.79 = $32.69

Total = $332.85

Got the board under 10x10 cm which brings the board cost way down. Now I'm down to $35 per kit(qty 10)! I just ordered two batches for beta testing, one from and one from, so I'll be able to compare the two services.

Update: Both board services shipped and arrived at about the same time. Both sets of boards look just fine and both seem to produce useable boards. I'll know better if there are any issues when the beta testers start giving feedback.

Sanguish Beta Boards.JPG

Parts List

Initial build

The initial build is done and ready for testing. Here is a picture of the board ready for atmega and drivers. The initial board was made using toner transfer on single sided copper clad. This design is not optimal for single sided manufacture and lots of jumpers will be required to complete the board. If it performs as expected all future boards will be manufactured double sided boards. As you can see the drivers and atmega are socket-ed for easy replacement as these are the components that most often get damaged and need replacement.

Update: 2-25-2013 Initial testing is complete with with a few initial issues, but overall the tests are going well.


Update: Dec 2012 The board has passed the initial movement tests.

Known issues with alpha board:

The relay is wired incorrectly

The power control pin may need to be moved to correct an as yet unexplained toggling of the relay.


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