Generation 6 Electronics

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Generation 6 Electronics

Release status: unknown

Generation 6 Electronics
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NOTE: Please avoid to buy this electronics ( because they are closed source but based on Open Source hardware and firmware from RepRap project. Such ripoff hurts RepRap project.


These boards are candidates for the Generation 6 Electronics, as soon as Camiel, one of RepRap's lead developers, uploads files.


We are busy developing new electronics dedicated for Mendel, Post-Mendels and RepStraps.

Our electronics will have a single board solution, so you dont need all those cables and one thick sheet and 4 reprap parts less..

It has a standard USB connection (USB A-B cable needed), so you dont need an expensive USB-TTL cable.

And it will be cheaper than for example Makerbot's version of the RepRap Generation 3 electronics.

Also we will upload our firmware pre-installed on the boards, it is standard FiveD firmware with addons/changes.

We will also continue to improve the electronics and firmware in the future.

User:Camiel is the lead developer for these boards and is documenting in this space; and is currently the primary supplier via his webshop:

The boards are still under development and will be released somewhere around 20-27 September 2010.

The first production serie has started 23 August.

The electronics are being produced here in The Netherlands.

Hardware Features:

- Single board solution

- 4x stepper motor drivers with 1/8 microstepping

- on-board USB-RS232 convertor

- Integrated hardware for driving one extruder (stepper, heater and thermistor)

- RS485 bus connector with the possibility to link through the extruder step and dir signals

- Integrated hardware for driving H21LOB slotted optosensors

- High input voltage range: 12-24Vdc

- Use of standard connectors with easy and clean installation

- Debug leds for power, communication and heater output

- Reset button


- Dimensions 110x60mm

- Mounting grid: 100x50mm (4x M3)

- Input voltage 12-24Vdc

- On-board controller: ATmega 644 (Atmel Corp.)

- RS485 connector: RJ45

- Heat output: Mosfet output, 4A

- Thermistors input: 100K thermistor

For the power supply 50W should be enough, but 60W is recommended.

About the input voltage: 12-24Volts is possible, but the nichrome wire length needs to be changed also if input voltage is not 12V!

In the near future we will have plug n play motors and opto's on cables both pre-fitted with molex connectors... more news on that soon.

Estimated selling price:

- assembled PCB: 130 EURO

- assembled PCB + 3 opto's on cables incl molex connectors: 149 EURO

(the pcb of the opto's is integrated, its just the opto on cables with 5way molex connector)

we might have an extended kit also which also include motors with molex connectors and correct cable lengths.

Version: 0.1

15-07-2010 First prototype has been successfully tested.

05-08-2010 First prints were printed successfully.

11-08-2010 We upgraded one of our production Mendels (#3) to the gen6 electronics and are printing mendel parts now with it.

(ps. its very quiet)

14-08-2010: We upgraded another mendel (#1) now also to Gen6 electronics, because we couldnt hear our other machine with gen6 running because of the makerbot electronics on this one.. and for some more testing off course

15-08-2010: First video on youtube: video 1 of gen6 electronics in action

18-08-2010: Second video on youtube: video 2 of gen6 electronics in action and bit more zooming on electronics and opto's

This is an older image from our electronics partner:


Have another good look at the picture.. yes you see it correctly, it only has one pcb.

Even the opto pcb's are gone, more news soon.