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This page has now been superceded. Please follow this link for current info.

Data below is preserved for archiving only.

Make Your Own RepRap

RepRap Version I "Darwin"

The current standard RepRap machine is RepRap Version I "Darwin". Follow that link to get complete instructions on how to build one.

There is a section of the Builder's Wiki devoted to laser-cut Rep(St)raps. Click here to go to it and to find out why the (St) is in brackets... There you will also find how to buy laser-cut RepRap kits and how to make your own.

RepRap Version II "Mendel"

The next version of RepRap will be RepRap Version II "Mendel". Mendel will have multiple write heads for working with a wide range of materials in a single reprapped object, and will have the ability to embed three-dimensional electrical circuitry inside mechanical parts. Mendel is still very much in the early stages of development, but the build instructions are themselves under construction at that link.

-- Main.AdrianBowyer - 22 Jul 2008